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Adrienne Streahle, aka RetinAdrienne

Owner, blogger, and photographer at RetinAdrienne.com and @retinadrienne on Instagram

⬝ Full Name: Adrienne Miranda Streahle

⬝ Birthday: June 2, 1996 (I’m currently 25 and I’m a Gemini sun ☀️, Sagittarius moon 🌙, Aquarius rising ⬆️)

⬝ Location: Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States

⬝ Relationship Status: Taken ❤️

⬝ Likes: talking to my friends (IRL and on social media), my pets (I technically have 5 cats and 2 dogs… but if I move outta my parent’s house, I’d only be taking three cats with me so those three are like MINE mine lol), hanging out with cool people/new or old friends, scrolling on Instagram, taking photos with my Canon 5D Mark IV (or iPhone 11 if I’m feeling lazy or need a quick pic of a pet lol), and occasionally posting on and updating this blog!

⬝ Dislikes: BELL PEPPERS 🤢, when people don’t like or aren’t kind to animals/pets, when people make fun of me for being vegetarian or try to convince me to eat meat, people who are just downright mean and/or unsympathetic or uncaring or unkind, and how long it sometimes takes me to take, edit, and write a caption for a decent photo post on Instagram 😭

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