Adobe Photography Plan Review

Adobe Photoshop

I use Photoshop for more intricate photo editing as well as editing that’s moreso photo-manipulation rather than just simple touch-ups. Adobe Photoshop is THE most robust, feature-rich photo-editing software out there and there’s absolutely no reason you’d ever be disappointed with it, even given the cost that’s admittedly pretty up there.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is my go-to for all my typical photo-editing needs. I love that most of the multitudes of available presets out there are made for and compatible with Lightroom. I also love that, while it’s obviously feature-saturated like all Adobe software, it’s also simple and easy and quick to figure out and use. I like to open up my RAW photos straight outta the camera into Lightroom, start with a preset, and then tune up everything that needs it with the settings. And voila, photo-editing done! It’s really as simple as that, with no headaches cause it’s seamless and just works, like all Adobe stuff.

Final Thoughts

For content creators like me, I definitely 100% recommend the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. This includes both Photoshop and Lightroom for a discounted cost off of what you’d be paying if you subscribed to the entire Creative Cloud app suite. I also recommend Adobe Spark for more of your designing needs, like making cover photos for blog posts or creating stories and posts for social media, etc. That one’s definitely a lifesaver that’s worth mentioning. Other than that, the only other Adobe offering I make use of is Adobe Fonts. This is included in the photography plan and is basically just every font you’d EVER find yourself needing or wanting, available for you to use however you’d like: online on your website or locally on your computer or phone to make graphics, etc. Imagine Google Fonts but on some serious steroids.