Ash Levi: the Creator/Owner of CHERRYPHOTOCLUB

Ash is a content creator on both Instagram and YouTube, and she has amassed quite a large following on each platform. She is known for her beauty photos + videos including makeup tutorials and product reviews, as well as for her lifestyle “a day in my life”-style vlogs.

Preset Packs: Info & Review

The preset packs are the main available creative asset that’s for sale at, and it’s my absolute favorite thing that I’ve purchased from the site as well. There are currently fourteen preset packs available for different prices depending on the size of the pack, i.e. how many presets are included in each. For example, the largest packs (‘HI-FI’ and ‘VINTAGE VALENTINE’) are on sale for $40 USD each for twenty and twenty-five presets in each pack, respectively. Whereas, on the other hand, the ‘GRUNGE’ preset pack is $12 USD and contains four different presets.

As for my personal experience with these Lightroom preset packs, I’ve thus far purchased the following from CHERRYPHOTOCLUB:

And ultimately, I’m really happy and satisfied with my preset pack purchases! Each preset is unique enough to qualify as different from all the other ones, so I definitely feel like I’m getting what I pay for. Also, the quality of these presets is unmatched imo – so, so good.

Overall, I highly recommend buying any of the preset packs from CHERRYPHOTOCLUB! I don’t think you’d be disappointed with any of the preset packs offered. 😊

Instagram Guide: Info & Review

Now, onto the Instagram Guide… to be blunt and straight to the point with this one, I’ve gotta say that I’m just not a fan of this “guide.” It’s extremely short for how much it costs (it’s $45 USD for just a few pages of tbh mostly just pretty photos and not much of an actual “guide”).
Since I was so impressed with the CHERRYPHOTOCLUB preset packs, I was eager to purchase this Instagram Guide when it first came out. However, I was extremely disappointed by it and would not recommend it to anyone, especially for the $45 price point.

What's Coming Soon?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the CHERRYPHOTOCLUB website, you’ll see that – in the footer, under “FREEBIES” – there’s some unclickable (at the moment, while writing this post) links that say ‘POSING GUIDE’ and ‘EDITING TIPS & TRICKS’. Although I had a pretty bad experience with the Instagram Guide, I am thoroughly looking forward to the release of both of these “freebies,” and hopefully they will be just that: free!

Promos and/or Discount Codes

I’m not aware of any current CHERRYPHOTOCLUB promos or discount codes, but I do know that occasionally, Ash announces a promo code on the CHERRYPHOTOCLUB Instagram account. You can also subscribe to the CHERRYPHOTOCLUB emails by scrolling to the footer of the website and entering your email address there to be updated whenever Ash sends out a CHERRYPHOTOCLUB newsletter.

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