Jones Road Beauty – Hippie Stick Review

I, personally, love a good skincare balm-type product, so of course I just had to get my hands on this product ASAP. Now that I have it and have been trying it out for a while, I can say with confidence that this is one of the best skincare balms I've ever used.

It's perfectly nourishing, calming, and moisturizing (as you'd expect a skincare balm to be), and it's nice and big so you don't feel like you're going to run out of it after like 3 uses of the thing. I love using it as first and foremost, a tried-and-true lip balm (although it is rather large for that use, but that kinda just makes it more fun hehe). I also have used it on the face on particularly stubborn dry spots that just won't go away – this product is hydrating enough and thicc enough to solve issues like that no problem.

The smell is a lil weird, kinda earthy/herbal-y, kinda too "natural" for my liking, but it isn't strong or terrible-smelling either so I'm fine with the smell but I wouldn't say it "smells like bliss" like they do on the Jones Road website lol.

I'd highly recommend the Jones Road Hippie Stick if you're looking for an all-in-one hydrating skincare balm product to address super dry areas, chapped lips, and whatever else you might need it for! This product definitely gets a full five stars from me. 😊

Jones Road Beauty – Miracle Balm Review

First of all, "no-makeup makeup" is definitely correct in regards to this product. I got the shade AU NATUREL (CLEAR), and I wasn't expecting, y'know, much with a name like "clear" lol, but this product ended up leaving a lot to be desired, at least in my personal experience. I thought it'd be the perfect, natural + subtle glowy, balmy product I could perhaps use as a sheeny, barely-there highlight on no-makeup makeup days, but tbh I can barely notice it when I apply it to my cheekbones, even when I use a heavy hand.

I don't hate this product by any means, and I absolutely adore how much product you get (and this also helps justify the pricepoint for me – more product = less frequent repurchases), but it just seemed a lil lackluster compared to what I wanted and was expecting. I still have hope, though, for the other, actually pigmented shades that are available – I'm thinking of trying either Bronze or Dusty Rose next.

All in all, I obviously can't speak to the other shades yet as I haven't tried them, but as for AU NATUREL, I just don't think you'd be satisfied spending $38 USD on this product and getting such limited color (or any type of) payoff when applied to the skin.

Jones Road Beauty – Miracle Cream Review

When they say "intense" moisture and "ideal for super dry skin types," they really freaking mean it when it comes to the Miracle Cream. This is by far THE thicccccc-est moisturizing cream I've ever tried... and I've tried a LOT of moisturizers, being the beauty product-buying addict that I am. That being said, I don't think you'd enjoy this at all if you have oily, combo, or even normal skin – this is definitely a product made for the driest of the dry skin types, for sure.

Since I happen to fall under that category of having a super dry skin type, I was ecstatic when reading about this moisturizer and couldn't wait to give it a try. Now, I'm used to skincare products saying they're meant for super dry skin, but really being perfectly suited to anyone with skin between dry, normal, and combo – sometimes even oily folks could get use out of it if used properly. However, this Jones Road Miracle Cream is no joke... I mean, she thicccccc! I don't know how I can emphasize that any further, but yeah, if you take nothing else from this review: just know that this moisturizer is heavy duty stuff.

Now that I've used this product for a while, I've definitely gathered some thoughts on how I feel about it. First of all, this product made me realize that although I do have a super dry skin type, an intensely thick moisturizing cream may not be exactly what I need or am looking for. This type of formula isn't as user-friendly as, say, a gel-cream type texture that scoops up and spreads super easily onto the skin, not to mention absorbs quickly without issue. With this sort of product, you really have to take your time learning how best to work it into your skincare routine and be sure you're only using compatible products along with it since you don't want to slather on too many heavy moisturizing layers, lest you cause a *gasp* nasty breakout!

So, I do enjoy using this product at times, when I'm having serious dryness issues and problem dry patches that nothing else seems to work to get rid of. However, I definitely wouldn't say this product is universal or would work for most people. If you read this review and still think you'd enjoy it, by all means go for it – I think you will too! If not, though, then I'd recommend playing it safe and sticking to a more "traditional" moisturizer formula instead. 😊

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  1. The problem is that oil is not a moisturizer, it is a lubricant. Oil can seal in the moisturizer you put on you face beforehand, but oil does not PROVIDE moisture on its own. Bobbi really needs to correct herself on this.

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