What I Purchased from Local Eclectic: the Cutest, Most Adorable Gold-Plated Bee Earrings!

My Thoughts on the Golden Bee Earrings from Local Eclectic

To view my thoughts on my entire experience with purchasing from Local Eclectic’s website as well as my overall satisfaction with the items I purchased, be sure to click through to my Instagram post on this topic! (The post isn’t up currently at the time I’m posting this blog post, but it will be very soon – keep an eye out or follow me or subscribe to my post notifications on Instagram so you don’t miss out on anything good! I go really in-depth there… spoiler: I’m really loving the stuff I purchased and will definitely be shopping online at Local Eclectic again in the future for any jewelry wants/needs I may have.

What I Purchased from Local Eclectic: a $1 Ring Sizer!

Works great and feels very durable, like it will last a long time (that is, if I don’t lose it since it’s so tiny!!)

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