(info for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a no-buy)

First of all, I’d just like to give credit where it’s due and link to two very influential Youtube videos for me during this no-buy journey. Both videos are by Hannah Louise Poston and they are must-watches if you’re even thinking about ever doing a no-buy for yourself! Here are the two videos that helped me:

If you’ve watched the videos, you should have a pretty good primer on what it means to do and commit to doing a no-buy year. However, I know that not everyone wants to watch videos all the time, so let me briefly explain what a no-buy is and means to me:

What a No-Buy Means to Me

For me, personally, I know that I have a serious shopping addiction and an addiction to just spending money in general. Money seriously does burn a hole in my pocket and I always spend money essentially as soon as I receive it with no savings account to even speak of, unfortunately. To combat that shopping addiction, as well as to hopefully start saving a little bit of money and develop better habits, I’ve decided to design and participate in a “no-buy” for myself this year (2022). What this means, essentially, is that I’m not allowed to purchase anything that falls under my “problem” shopping categories (for example, for me these categories are: beauty, makeup, skincare, lifestyle, etc.), with the only exceptions being those you make yourself in your personal set of rules for your no-buy. My rules are short and sweet and simple and I just quickly typed them up on my phone in a lil document, like so:

no-buy 2022 rules
My custom rules for my 2022 No-Buy

These rules only apply to ME and are what I think will work for ME to be able to complete this lil no-buy challenge. By no means does this mean your rules have to look the same as mine in ANY way whatsoever; just be sure to make them reasonable because the goal is to get through your no-buy year successfully!

What’s the plan for this year, then???

(just a lil blurb about how I’m planning to stay active on my blog and social media despite being on a no-buy, aka no new-in products to review anymore)

The plan is simple. I’m going to be continuing to post as much and as consistently as I always have, if not more since that’s also one of my goals for the year, and since I’ve had such a shopping addiction for so long, I’m absolutely sure I’ll have plenty of products to post and review for you, especially considering I do have that lil $80/month to freely spend on something beauty-related every month!


In conclusion, I’m excited and happy to be doing this no-buy (probably not for long though, let’s be honest lol) and I’d love to answer any questions or help anyone if you’d like to attempt a no-buy for yourself! I was going to write “wish me luck!” at the end of this post, but as Hannah Louise Poston said in her no-buy video, it’s not about luck at all and it’s all about making the commitment, making that promise to yourself and KEEPING it! So, yeah, don’t wish me luck I guess? But do be sure to leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on the whole no-buy concept and my approach! Thank you!!!!!

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