Ouai Beauty Product Mini-Reviews

Ouai Wave Spray

I... hated this. 😬 Sorry, but I won't lie to you! I found it to be really extremely sticky whether used on wet or dry hair and I didn't even find it did anything beneficial for my hair, so the stickiness was definitely not worth it for me. Maybe someone with a different hair type than me (my hair is desert-dry, frizzy, and wavy/curly) would enjoy this stuff more, but I simply wasn't a fan of this! Oh well!

Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

Love this stuff and use it every time I shower! Highly recommend!!! Great exfoliating product!

Ouai Melrose Place Crème and Travel Fragrance

I loved this lil set but I'm pretty sure it was limited edition! However, if u can still get ur hands on either the set or the products individually, I do highly recommend them!!

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